Berger Rond – Un doux rêveur dans. Homme Sauvage dit.

Avant-garde multi-instrumentation overlapped by strange and brave poetry marks the captivating beauty that characterizes this music. The poetry itself is primarily in French with obscure pieces of English meandering in and out. The vocals are enhanced by a slight amount of reverb and/or delay. Some portions of the poetry are looped for only a moment, working to emphasize certain sounds. Although effects are added to the vocals, they are not distracting for even a moment and only serve to meld the poetry perfectly with the instrumentation.

The various sounds in these pieces are nothing short of evocative and beautiful. Stringed instruments composed with piano and percussion are fused together in such a way that a lush sound landscape is created. Surprising horns emerge from the medley, while the pieces flow in and out from soft lulling textures to powerful rhythms, and very defined sound structures form within.  Don’t expect that structure to keep its form for long, though, these pieces are continuously evolving and taking the listener by surprise.

Each track is sufficient in length, clocking in at an average of 12 minutes each. While one would expect chaos in such an arrangement of so many sounds, these tracks are surprisingly cohesive. The full layers of organic sound lend to each other in the most complementary of ways. A true aural delight both in the purist of senses and also a true treasure for the cerebral listener.

I implore all who read and all who consider themselves to be fans of experimental music to listen. For those of you who consider Revolution 9 to be one of the best tracks on the White Album, you will thank me. The entire album is available from this site:

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